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Get Professional Automatic Transmission Repair In Mesa Now

If you have a manual transmission and it’s acting up  then you will want to take it to a professional transmission repair shop in Mesa.  Why?  Well, even though a manual transmission is far simpler than an automatic transmission, so much can go wrong so quickly.

Get Professional Manual Transmission Repair In Mesa Now| (480) 986-7367
Get Professional Manual Transmission Repair In Mesa Now| (480) 986-7367

How Common Are Manual Transmissions?

Manual transmissions are surprisingly rare. With that said, however, because of their rarity, there are fewer mechanics who know how to work on them.  So if you find a place that does manual transmission repair in Mesa, hire them immediately. According to this L.A. Times article: “In 2006, 47% of new models offered in the U.S. were available with both automatic and manual transmissions, according to a study by By 2011, that number had dropped to 37%. This year, the number has fallen to 27%. The actual sales figures are even lower. Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury said fewer than 3% of current U.S. car sales are manual vehicles — compared with 80% in some European and Asian countries, and down in the U.S. from 7% in 2012 and 25% in 1992.” [READ SOURCE]

A lot of people like the freedom that a manual transmission offers, particularly on a wide open road.  a stick shift allows you to speed up and slow down at your whim, and gives you that feeling like you’re competing in an auto race.  And a manual transmission has less components to go wrong.  Automatic transmissions can have as many as 2000 gears, and any of them can fail if they’re not taken care of.  A manual transmission is usually made of a handful of components, and are fairly easy to replace.

Do Cars That Have a Manual Transmission Get Better Gas Mileage?

There used to be a clear difference in gas mileage between manual transmissions and automatic transmissions but one reason automatics are rising in popularity is the fact that newer cars with automatic transmissions are now much more fuel efficient.  With that in mind, a lot of automakers, even some sports car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari aren’t even making manuals in their current models.  Another thing that is causing this shift is cost.  A lot of US automakers would rather have an assembly line geared solely to one type of transmission, in this cause an automatic one.

If you have a manual transmission, however, don’t despair. As long as there are still manual transmission vehicles on the road there will be people to work on them including our manual transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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