Transmission Repair in Mesa: Properly Caring For Your Car’s Transmission

Get Professional Automatic Transmission Repair In Mesa Now

One thing that a transmission repair shop in Mesa can do for you is to help you keep the transmission service schedule of your car’s owner’s manual.

Get Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa Now| (480) 986-7367
Get Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa Now| (480) 986-7367

Scheduled Transmission Service: The Importance of Your Car’s Owner’s Manual

How important is scheduled transmission service?  Scheduled transmission service is something that you should put on your calendar as a regular part of the automotive repair and maintenance that you do for your car. You certainly wouldn’t drive your car for years at a time without changing the oil now, would you? Of course not, but many people do just that when it comes to their transmission repairs and maintenance. Did you know that you can check the fluid level and color by simply pulling out a dipstick just like you do when you check your car’s oil? You probably didn’t, because most people don’t know this. Most people completely neglect the regular transmission service that their car needs, then when their transmission has problems they actually seem surprised. The point here is that you can’t ignore your car’s transmission for years at a time and expect it to continue to work.

How do you know if your transmission needs to be serviced? How do you know if your transmission needs to be serviced? Well, there’s a really simple test that anybody can do. Do you own a car? Yes, well then your transmission needs to be serviced. All kidding aside, the point here is that every transmission needs regular maintenance. Your transmission is a machine, and it’s a complex machine at that. Like all machines, it needs regular care, maintenance, and even repairs to keep it in proper working order. You can’t just ignore your car’s transmission and expect that it will keep working right.

What About When You Need Transmission Repair in Mesa?

While regularly scheduled transmission service is a must, how do you know when there is a more serious problem that requires the immediate help of a transmission shop? You know by paying attention to how your car is running. If you notice that when your car shifts you can feel a harsh jerking motion that wasn’t there before, then there is probably a problem with your car’s transmission that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

If you push down the gas pedal and your car’s engine revs up before the transmission finally jumps into gear, then you probably have a pretty serious problem. If this happens then your best option really is to pull your car over and call a tow truck rather than risk further damage to your transmission.  When it’s time, take your car into a specialty transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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