Why Having Your Transmission Repaired At a Transmission Repair Shop Is Your Best Option (Conclusion)

Transmission repair in Mesa is not a do it yourself job

What do you look for in a transmission repair shop in Mesa?  One thing is their level of experience as well as whether they’re certified or not.

Transmission repair in Mesa is not a do it yourself job | 480-986-7367
Transmission repair in Mesa is not a do it yourself job | 480-986-7367

What To Look For in a Mesa Transmission Repair Shop

As we covered previously, not only is an automatic transmission a complicated piece of machinery that requires an expert to repair, it’s also located on the bottom of your car making it challenging to get to. So even if you make a bad decision and try to fix your automatic transmission yourself, you may think twice when you realize that attempting to do so is going to involve jacking up your car and crawling under it. What happens then if you have to remove your transmission? They can easily weigh hundreds of pounds, so even a very strong person will have a hard time trying to remove one without the proper equipment.

Once you realize that trying to fix your transmission yourself is not a good idea, the next step is going to be finding the right shop to take it to. Generally speaking, your best option is going to be to take your car to a shop that specializes in transmission repair. Think of this as kind of like going to the doctor. You could go to your doctor if you are having a knee problem, and they may be able to effectively treat you. Or you could go see a specialist that works on knees all the time and be certain that you get the problem resolved the right way.

Can’t I Go To a Regular Auto Mechanic?  Why Do I Need a Transmission Shop?

The point here is that a specialty shop that only does transmission repair will likely provide you better service than a general mechanic that works on all parts of a car.

When looking for the right automatic transmission repair shop make sure that you choose a shop that is ASE certified. ASE certification is normally easy to determine because any shop that has this type of certification will likely display it in a conspicuous place since it is an indicator that they employ highly trained technicians. What exactly is ASE certification? It’s a certification process that requires automotive technicians to go through training classes and pass an exam. So if a transmission repair shop is ASE certified for transmission repair in Mesa, then you can usually trust that they know what they are doing and will do a good job when working on your car.


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