Transmission Repair in Mesa: The Ins and Outs of How to Get it Done (Contd.)

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa

How do you know if you need to fix your transmission?  Well a transmission in need of repair often has several key signs…

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Signs of a Transmission Going Bad

As we covered previously, one red flag that is easy to spot is if your car is leaking transmission fluid. Transmission fluid has a red tint to it, so it can usually be easily differentiated from an oil leak. If you notice transmission fluid in your driveway then you have a transmission fluid leak. Once you notice this you should check your transmission fluid level right away. If the fluid level is low you should add some to get it back to the recommended level, then make an appointment and get your car to the shop as soon as possible.

Another way to tell is lurching or shimmying.  If your car shimmies or lurches as you speed up or slow down, that’s another sign you need transmission repair.

Benefits Of Taking Your Car To A Transmission Repair Shop

Ignoring a problem with your transmission won’t make it go away. In fact, it will end up doing the opposite and will almost always make the problem worse. So if you even suspect that your car’s transmission is in need of servicing or repair, then don’t wait. The longer you wait the better the chances are that your transmission problem will get worse. A worse problem almost always translates to a more expensive repair job, so waiting is only going to end up costing you money. On the other hand, if you take your car in at the first sign of there being a problem with the transmission, then in many cases a minor problem can be fixed before it becomes a major one.

Make sure that you only trust the care of  your car to a professional transmission repair shop.  Once you notice that your transmission needs servicing there are generally four courses of action that people take. First, they might ignore the problem. Second, they may try to fix the problem themselves. Third, they may hire someone that isn’t a certified professional to do the job. Fourth, they make the right decision and take their car to a professional transmission repair shop.

Obviously ignoring the problem is a bad idea, but what motivates some people to make the mistake of trying to fix it themselves or hire someone not certified to do it? In most cases, it comes down to money, which we will cover in the next part of this article. For now, just be aware that you’re better off going to a transmission repair shop in Mesa.


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