Getting Professional Transmission Service in Mesa: What You Should Know

Get Professional Automatic Transmission Repair In Mesa Now

Getting professional transmission service in Mesa is easy.  After all, all you need is a crescent wrench, a how-to manual, and a bit of free time on your weekend.  Right?  Well, not exactly…

Get Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa Today | (480) 986-7367
Get Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa Today | (480) 986-7367

Why a Transmission Repair Shop Is Where You Should Go

A transmission repair shop in Mesa is where you should take your car or truck when you need scheduled transmission service or if you need professional transmission repair.  A 21st century automatic transmission is more than just gears.  Nowadays, an automatic transmission also has computer modules, tubules, and is of considerable weight.  How much does an automatic transmission weigh?  According to the site REFERENCE.COM:

“Front-wheel drive transmissions that are used in GM vehicles may weigh 187 to 293 pounds, depending on the type of car. Rear-wheel 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions weigh within the same range.The weight of a transmission is often required when a transmission is replaced. states that replacement includes such parts as the pressure plate, disc and flywheel. According to Edmunds, replacing a transmission often costs less than choosing to rebuild.” [VIEW SOURCE]

Do It Yourself Transmission Repair is Difficult:  Go to a Mesa Transmission Shop Instead

As you see, you’re going to need a few more tools other than a crescent wrench and a how-to manual.  You’re going to need a way to get the car up high enough to be able to access the transmission.  An automatic transmission is located under the vehicle to the side of the engine.  You’re also going to need a way to safely lower and remove the transmission.  In addition, a transmission is not only heavy, if you loosen the wrong nut, you could end up spilling the gears and transmission fluid all over.  An average automatic transmission can have over 1000 gears alone.  Putting aside the difficulty involved in do it  yourself transmission repair, there is a very real risk involved that you could end up violating the warranty.  Most auto manufacturers have a schedule where transmission service is concerned.  In addition, a key stipulation of a lot of warranties is that a vehicle should only be taken to a ASE-certified auto repair shop.  With that said, however, you must choose your repair shop carefully.

Transmission repair is kind of tricky.  That means that a lot of auto shops will farm out your transmission repair to a specialized shop.  Each time a repair changes hands, there are usually surcharges and towing fees involved.  So, what might surprise you is that going to a transmission repair shop might actually save you money.

Don’t mess up your car. If a repair is beyond you, admit it.  Take your car to a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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