Automatic Transmission Repair: Notes from Your Mesa Transmission Repair Shop (Further Thoughts)

Find the best transmission repair shop in Mesa

If you want more reasons to go to a transmission repair shop in Mesa, how about getting more money back at the gas pump?

Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Repair Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency

If you take your car to a Mesa transmission repair shop, what might surprise you is the fact that if your transmission isn’t running at it’s best, it can seriously impair your fuel efficiency.   It’s true.  It’s up there with having under-inflated tires.  When your transmission is out of whack, it means that you’re shifting is also a little bit off.

As we covered previously, if your car feels like you’re going 4x4ing and you’re on a smooth stretch of road, there are many possible problems it could be.  One thing is you could have tires going bad.  Check your tread to make sure it’s not worn.  If that’s not the problem, you could be having transmission problems.   And if it is a transmission problem, it’s likely to get worse.

If You’re Having Problems With Your Transmission, Catch Them Early to Save Money

If you’re having problems with your transmission, catch them early to save money.  Even something as simple as changing your transmission fluid can save you thousands in transmission repair and rebuild costs.  Why is transmission fluid so important?  Well, unlike the rest of your engine, your transmission is a sealed system.  That means that over time, the transmission fluid can get dirty, and pick up particles from the transmission.  These particles can start wearing down your gears bit by bit.  Then sooner or later, one of the teeth of your gears will snap.  Then guess what you have?  You have a major transmission repair.

A lot of people have concerns about taking their vehicle in because of cost.  They automatically assume that all transmission service is as expensive as replacing their transmission, or rebuilding it.  That isn’t the case at all.  Changing transmission fluid doesn’t cost that much at all.  But think of it if you will like a health problem.  If you neglect a health issue, it can be come a major health issue that could have been solved by being a bit more proactive.  If you’re like most people, you need your car for practically everything.  So why not take care of your vehicle.  Take it to a professional transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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