Automatic Transmission Repair: Notes from Your Mesa Transmission Repair Shop (Contd.)

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa

When you see signs of transmission problems, it’s a good idea to get into a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

No Shaking, No Shimmying:  Transmission Problems Can Be Rough

As we covered previously, your car’s transmission is a sealed system. As such, the level of transmission fluid should remain constant. If you find you are low on transmission fluid, then it’s likely that there is a leak somewhere. But before you just add transmission fluid, take it in to a transmission repair shop in Mesa to avoid other problems.

You’re driving along, and you notice that the road is very rough, or at least that’s what it feels like.  However, it might not be the road, it might be a sign of another transmission problem.  When transmissions start to wear out, they can sometimes shimmy or shake, particularly when you accelerate or slow down.  Another sign that you have transmission problems?  Your check engine light comes on.

Transmission Repair: The Check Engine Light is On

The check engine light is the most useless indicator of a problem with your vehicle. There are literally dozens of reasons why this enigmatic indicator light on your dashboard may suddenly appear. Although many drivers often ignore this warning sign for months in a row, it is not very responsible or smart to do so.  A check engine light can be something relatively simple like it’s time to change your car’s oil, or it could be something serious like a transmission breakdown.  You want to get your car or truck into a shop immediately particularly if you suspect it might be a transmission problem.  Your car or truck doesn’t have magical healing abilities.  A mechanical problem will slowly start to get worse and worse until you finally no longer have a functioning vehicle.  And let’s face it, because of the labor involved, transmission repair is not cheap.

Why does transmission repair cost so much?  Because a mechanic literally has to pull apart part of the undercarriage as well as the engine to get to your transmission.  Then he has to take apart the transmission itself, find the problem, then reassemble everything again once more.  All of this can be surprisingly easy to avoid, if you just follow the regular transmission service schedule.

So, take care of yourself.  And take care of your vehicle.  Call a transmission repair shop in Mesa.


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