How Much Does it Cost to Fix My Transmission and Other Questions (Conclusion)

Get transmission repair in Mesa

Transmission repair in Mesa might not be as expensive as you might think.  This is even more the case if you are under warranty.

Get transmission repair in Mesa | 480-986-7367
Get transmission repair in Mesa | 480-986-7367

As we covered previously, when faced with an expensive transmission repair as is the case with either a replacement or a transmission rebuild, as a vehicle owner, you need to ask yourself questions regarding the warranty.

Should I Take My Car to a Dealer or a Transmission Repair Shop?

You have two choices where transmission repair is concerned.  Dealerships are great places to get your car repaired.  After all they have mechanics who are certified in the makes and models that they sell there.  However, this is where you can get in trouble at a dealership.  If there is the slightest part of the repair that is not covered by warranty, then your transmission repair can be extremely expensive.  That’s where a transmission repair shop in Mesa comes in.

There may be dozens of transmission specialty shops in Mesa from franchise operations to mom-and-pop shops. Since these businesses only specialize in transmission services, you will typically be charged a different fee structure as compared to general auto repair providers. The upside to this is that you will get the best service that will definitely be good value for your money.

Wouldn’t a Dealer Know More About Transmission Repair than a Transmission Shop in Mesa?

Wouldn’t a dealer know more about transmission repair than a transmission shop in Mesa?  Not necessarily.  While the dealer might have more general knowledge about your car or truck, they are usually generalists.  They can fix everything including your transmission, but you are going to likely spend a lot of money to get your transmission fixed.  Why?  Well, go visit  a new car dealership.  Everything in a car dealership is about selling vehicles.

That’s why the interiors of the building are elegant, usually done in marble, limestone, or travertine.  The cars and trucks are so highly polished that they practically blind you under the track lighting above them.  What does that mean to you?  Simple.  It costs a lot to look that good.  Even their service area maintains the illusion of opulence, with the service bays out of sight, where transmission repair and all other car fixes happen behind closed doors.  A transmission repair shop however, doesn’t have to impress anyone.  They’re not trying to sell you a new car.  The most they will sell you is a new or rebuilt transmission.

So remember, be smart where you take your vehicle.  If you’re having transmission issues, take it to a transmission repair shop in Mesa.


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