How Much Does it Cost to Fix My Transmission and Other Questions

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We are often asked by customers: “How much does it cost to fix my transmission?”  The short answer?  Depends what’s wrong with it.

Call Trail Transmission for Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Call Trail Transmission for Professional Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Repair in Mesa: Your Transmission is a Vital Component

Your car’s transmission is an essential component which makes it very important that it undergoes maintenance. Regular transmission maintenance should be followed based on the owner’s manual. Recommended transmission maintenance can be found in the owner’s manual but is also available on the website of the vehicle manufacturer. Typical items for regular maintenance of your transmission could include flushing or topping off the transmission fluid within the transmission case as in manual and automatic transmission cars and trucks and adjusting or inspecting the clutch pedal on a manual transmission vehicle. Transmission repair specialists will recommend that the transmission fluid level is checked at least twice a year, although this may vary depending on the recommended schedule for maintenance by the manufacturer. However, maintenance will not always mean that the transmission will remain trouble free at all times.

If you have a car, don’t try to fix your transmission yourself.  Take it to professional transmission repair shop in Mesa.  Why?  Well, in your quest to save money, you could end up costing yourself hundreds if not thousands more.

The Cost of a Bad Transmission Repair Job

Some transmission repairs could be inexpensive but others may cost even more than the actual value of the car itself. Repair costs can top from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. This should be enough reason to get your transmission regularly inspected by a qualified mechanic should you suspect something to be amiss. If something goes wrong with the transmission, the cause can be one of many. Just a simple shortage of transmission fluid level could leave very important parts potentially unprotected by the lubricant thus resulting in failure of seals or gaskets and even warping of the internal components.

Modern transmissions consist of a number of controls and modules that may fail, causing transmission problems. One among the most common key repairs in manual transmission cars to replace a clutch that is damaged out due to improper drive shifting or has become worn out with time. For all sorts of transmission, however, a replacement, rebuild or overhaul can be necessary on the basis of how severe the problem is.  When in doubt, take it to a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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