Transfer Case Repair and Giving Your 4×4 a Bit of TLC (Conclusion)

Getting transfer case repair done before you have a problem is a very wise practice.

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As we covered previously, if you haven’t done transfer case service or gotten transfer case repair done, you could be stranded.

Arizona Can Be Dangerous With a Faulty Vehicle: Get Transfer Case Service Done

But that can’t happen to you, right? Well, this happened just last month, here in Arizona:

“Shortly after starting toward home, Ohman said he knew something was wrong. At times the rocky path had him driving right next to a steep drop-off.

He looked for a place to turn around but once he found one, the CR-V couldn’t make it back up the steep road. So he kept driving, navigating around 2- and 3-feet-deep ruts, or stopping completely to get out and move basketball-size boulders.

During one of the stops, he noticed fluid dripping from under his car. He had gas, the tires were inflated, but it wouldn’t move. The transmission was shredded.

Man stranded in Arizona’s high desert for two days
Andrew Austin and two of his friends went off-roading
Andrew Austin and two of his friends went off-roading on motorcross bikes near Crown King, Arizona. Andrew Austin/Special for The Republic
Andrew Austin and two of his friends went off-roading1 of 9
On their way back from off-roading to Crown King, Arizona,
It was an erie scene. Ohman, who was stranded for days,
Ohman left notes on the car’s windshield: “Left stranded
Andrew Austin described the notes as “chilling” on
Ohman left his contact information on a note and hoped
Mick Ohman shows a photo of where he was stranded.
He was found by Troy Haverland, a dirt biker. He invited
Ohman said he hopes his story can help others know
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Man stranded in Arizona’s high desert for two days
Left with an immobile car and little else

He surveyed his situation: No phone signal, but he did save an offline map of the route home. He had a lighter and two old flares he wasn’t sure would work. One bottle of water, a slushie, a sandwich, some bagel chips, a few beers and what he thought were a few cans of sparkling water. On second look he realized the seltzer was alcoholic, too.

“That was excruciatingly hard. There’s not a friendly bush out there.”
Michael Ohman
In hopes of finding cell service, he hiked up a nearby mountain.

“That was excruciatingly hard,” he said. “There’s not a friendly bush out there.”

After finding no service, he hiked back to his car, disappointed and parched from the afternoon sun. By 5 p.m. he was out of water…


Fix Your Transfer Case Sooner and Not Later

While the man in the article took a vehicle that wasn’t designed for rough terrain, this could just as easily happen to someone who had a faulty transfer case.

So take no chances.  Take your car in for transfer case service today.

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