A Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa Can Keep Your Car Running (Conclusion)

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa

transmission repair shop in Mesa has a lot of good ways to help your vehicle drive better. One of them is a transmission flush.

Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Flushes Help Your Transmission Work Better

As we covered previously, a transmission repair shop may tell you that a flush will help improve the function of your vehicle.  By removing as much of the old fluid as possible through the flushing, the newly added fluid is less diluted by the old. With mostly new fluid in the transmission, it will have far less tress overall. This can prolong its life.

Transmission Repair in Mesa: Don’t Do It At Home

Rather than trying to do this type of work at home, realize that it is a better idea to let the professionals handle it instead. Over the counter products are not nearly as effective. Additionally, mechanics who perform this service do not charge much more than the product itself will cost. That makes it a highly affordable solution, too, especially when you consider how it could help to improve your gas mileage and reduce the overall wear and tear on this system.

A transmission repair shop will likely offer this type of service for you if it is a good idea for your system. This often means that your system may be experiencing problems or may be running poorly. By making this flush happen, you may be able to give the system a boost that it needs to keep running as efficiently as it needs to.

Here is some general information about transmission fluid. From Wikipedia:

“Automatic transmission fluids have many performance-enhancing chemicals added to the fluid to meet the demands of each transmission. Some ATF specifications are open to competing brands, such as the common DEXRON specification, where different manufacturers use different chemicals to meet the same performance specification. These products are sold under license from the OEM responsible for establishing the specification. Some vehicle manufacturers will require “genuine” or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ATF. Most ATF formulations are open 3rd party licensing, and certification by the automobile manufacturer. Each manufacturer has specific ATF requirements. Incorrect transmission fluid may result in transmission malfunction or severe damage.” [READ SOURCE]

There are so many components to even a simple automatic transmission.  In some vehicles, in addition to the computer components, there can be thousands of gears.  That’s why transmission fluid is vital, and why you need the help of a professional Mesa transmission repair shop.

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