Mesa Transmission Repair: Keep Your Car on the Road (Conclusion)

Never Try to Fix Your Transmission Yourself

Why can’t you fix your transmission yourself?  For one, a typical automatic transmission can have as many as two thousand parts.

Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

And as we covered previously,  performing your own repairs will usually lead to more damage, which will only cost you more money in the end. As soon as you notice you are having problems with your transmission, you need to get it into a professional to take a look.

What Happens During a Transmission Repair?

Today’s modern vehicles often use automatic transmissions that are much more difficult to work on than in years past. Additionally, many modern transmission systems make heavy use of computer chips and systems that make the transmissions difficult to understand. Even with quality transmission repair manuals, a difficult transmission repair usually requires a lot of training and practice.

They have specialty tools. Working on transmissions can also require the use of specialty tools that many home mechanics simply don’t have. Common tools found in transmission repairs throughout such as linkage removal tools or transmission spring compressors are something that many mechanics don’t own. These types of tools can be expensive to purchase, and will usually make doing transmission repairs yourself more expensive than having a shop do them for you.

A Transmission Repair Shop Knows All About Transmission Fluid

One of the biggest issues that can affect the internal workings of a transmission is friction. Not having enough lubrication on the gears of a transmission can cause a lot of problems. The only way to keep the proper amount of lubrication on the gears is by getting the transmission fluid changed and checked by a professional. Neglecting to get routine transmission service done can lead to a number of problems that can affect the overall functionality of the vehicle.  Transmission fluid is a vital, and all too often overlooked part, of a properly functioning transmission.  And to make matters even more complicated, a lot of car makers make proprietary blends of transmission fluid.  So simply buying transmission fluid and putting it in your car may actually damage your transmission.  Besides, the transmission fluid level should change, at most, very little.  It’s a sealed system after all.

A modern transmission is a marvel of automotive engineering.  But like all engineering marvels, it requires the right personnel to work on it.  The best people can be found at your local transmission repair shop.


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