Transmission Repair in Mesa: The Difference Between Transmissions

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When you need transmission repair in Mesa, it’s important to know what type of transmission your vehicle has.

Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

How Do I Know If I Have a Manual or an Automatic Transmission?

How can you tell if you have a manual or an automatic transmission? One way is to count the pedals, however, it is likely that if you live in the US, you’re dealing with an automatic. To further confuse the issue, here is an excerpt from Kiplinger Business:
“The decline of the manual transmission (in the U.S.) has been decades in the making, but two factors are, ahem, accelerating its demise:

Number one: Automatics, developed by firms such as Borg-Warner (BWA), ZF Friedrichshafen and Aisin, are getting more efficient, with up to nine gear ratios, allowing engines to run at the lowest, most economical speeds. Many Mazdas and some BMWs, among others, now score better fuel mileage with an automatic than with a stick.

Number two: Among high-performance cars, such as Porsches, “automated” manual shifts are taking hold. They use electronics to control the clutch instead of your left foot. You can select the gears with paddles, or just let the computer take care of that, too. The result: Shifting is faster than even for the most talented clutch-and-stick jockey, improving the cars’ acceleration numbers. Plus, the costs on these are coming down, and they can now be found in less-expensive sporty cars, such as the Golf GTI.

Even the biggest of highway trucks are abandoning the clutch and stick for automatics, for fuel-efficiency gains and to attract drivers who won’t need to learn how to grind their way through 18-plus gears.

Some price-leader economy models, such as the Nissan Versa and Ford Fiesta, will list manuals on their cheapest configurations (though few will actually sell), and a segment of enthusiast cars, such as the Ford Mustang and Mazda Miata MX-5, will continue to offer the traditional three-pedal arrangement for some years to come. “It will be reserved for the ‘driver’s vehicle,’” says Ivan Drury, an analyst for But finding one will be a challenge — those holdout drivers had better be prepared to special-order their clutch cars.” [VIEW SOURCE]

Final Thoughts About Transmission Repair and Service

Ultimately, regardless of whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission, you’re likely going to need transmission repair.

So count your pedals, and look at your gear shift. And then, take your car into a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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