Transmission Repair and Maintenance (Contd.)

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa

Mesa transmission repair isn’t just rebuilds and tear downs of transmissions, sometimes it is much simpler than that.

Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Repair and Service: Fluid Check

As we covered previously, although most modern automatic transmissions require very little maintenance, most manufacturers require periodic service.  One of the key components of tranmission service is replacing your transmission fluid.

If you have got a pan with no drain plug, loosen the bolts around the perimeter of the pan and let the fluid drain. Once the pan is removed, you’ll usually find a filter that needs to be replaced as well Clean up the pan, install the new gasket and tighten the pan bolts to specification. Now fill the transmission with the proper amount and type of transmission fluid. Then check the level and make sure there are no leaks. And that’s all there is too it Be sure to get a Haynes for the details and maintenance schedules on your vehicle. Our step by step procedures and photographs will make it even easier. The money you will have saved will help you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and your car or truck will thank you by keeping you on the road.

Transmission Replacement: Not As Common As You Think

The words most automotive vehicle owners fear hearing is “You need to have a full transmission replacement.” These words can strike fear into even the most hardened of automotive owners. Bear in mind, that there is nothing to be afraid of When caught early, an inspection can solve transmission problems before they get too costly and save you on getting an auto repair service.

There are a few things to watch out for regarding your transmission service. If you apply the following tips and observations, you will be better able to spot a transmission repair before it gets too costly and time-consuming:

Watch for leaks or stains under where the vehicle is parked Be alert to different noises, or differences in shift behavior (in manual and automatic transmissions) Be Alert to Vibrations Check fluid for unusual color or odor.

If you see any of these indicators, take your car to a certified mechanic for a complete inspection and service. With transmission repair in Mesa, it truly is much better to be safe than sorry!


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