Transmission Repair in Mesa: Time To Take Your Car or Truck In

Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa, AZ

Do you need transmission repair in Mesa? No?  You might want to think about that…

Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa, AZ | (480) 986-7367
Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa, AZ | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Repair in Mesa: What is a Transmission?

What is a transmission?

Transmissions help shift gears so as to change the speed-torque ratio that propels the wheels and the drive axles in an efficient manner.  Since they are one of the most complex components of your vehicle, you’ll need transmission service or repair.  Car engines rotate at fixed speeds usually from 600-7000 revolutions per minute (rpm) while the wheels spin from 0-1800 rpm, so the transmission comes in to match the most appropriate engine power to the vehicle’s speed. Simply put the transmission reduces the engine’s rotational speed and increases the torque in the process. Modern cars exhibit the following varieties of transmissions:

Automatic transmissions: most modern vehicles have this type of transmission which automatically selects the appropriate gear for the prevailing conditions. Drivers only have to activate the vehicle’s gear function to drive mode “D, ” and the automatic transmission does the rest.

Manual Transmission: these transmissions rely on the driver to consistently choose and switch gears. Vehicles that have manual transmissions come fitted with a clutch pedal to enable the driver to change gears.

Continuously variable transmissions: they are found in lighter passenger vehicles and present relatively new features in the automobile market. CVT use a different technology compared to automatic transmissions but perform just as well as traditional automatic transmissions.

Our discussion explores various transmission problems and why car and truck owners take their vehicles in for transmission repair.

Common Transmission Problems

With the digitization of most parts of automatic vehicles, transmissions machines problems have become rather complicated to identify and so have the repairs. But, the most common transmission problems hardly go unnoticed:

  • Fluid leaks: the transmission fluid is an essential element for proper transmission operation. Thus, red, brown leaks or pink puddles under the vehicle indicate a transmission leak from a faulty seal. As such, drivers should have the fluid flushed to avoid costly repairs.
  • Burning smell: also shows transmission problems caused by overheating.
  • Unusual noises: like grinding, thumping or clunking show difficulties with the transmission. For manual vehicles, it means that the clutch no longer disengages appropriately.
  • Unusual vibrations: Strange vibrations at one or different speed ranges also indicate a problem with the transmission component.

So remember, you don’t want a collection of gears spilled out all over your carport or garage floor.  Instead, take it to a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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