Transmission Repair in Mesa: Don’t Ignore Your Transmission Fluid (Contd.)

Replacing transmission fluid is the simplest transmission repair in Mesa

Changing your transmission fluid is a key part of transmission repair in Mesa, particularly if you have an automatic transmission.

Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest  transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Replacing transmission fluid is the easiest transmission repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

As we covered previously, automatic transmissions run hotter than a manual does. For this reason, transmission fluid can actually be broken down over time. This will cause the fluid to not lubricate as well which will lead to mechanical problems. Those thinking about changing their own transmission fluid may want to reconsider as it is not as simple as an oil change. With regular oil, you can utilize gravity to easily drain the car of any oil it contains.

Transmission fluid, on the other hand, is much more viscous and requires a transmission flusher to get everything out. It is recommended to bring in your car to get this kind of fluid change in order to make sure all metal shavings in the old fluid will be washed away. Not removing all of the fluid can cause you just as many problems as if you did nothing.

Check Your Transmission Fluid Levels Between Visits

Those looking to check their fluid levels between maintenance visits simply need to know what they are looking for. Keep in mind, most manual engines will not come with a dipstick to help you check the fluid level. Those with an automatic transmission will want to either have their mechanic point out the right dipstick, or check the owner’s manual. Many will confuse the crankcase dipstick with that of the transmission. Keep in mind, generally the only reason why the fluid level will be low is if there is a leak. If you check your level and it is low, you need to get your mechanic to check out the transmission right away.

Having a transmission flush service done at least one time annually will certainly ensure that your auto or truck is thoroughly taken care of. In the event that it’s been greater than a year or so since your previous maintenance, you may want to get it conducted by an expert as quickly as possible. Swapping out your current transmission fluid is critical for helping your car to operate well and reduce the strain that is placed on the system. Should you keep old fluid in for a long time, you actually will begin to encounter issues that will indicate it is time to get your fluid replaced. Once you start to perceive a lot of these indicators, it can be a signal that you must bring it to an expert and get maintenance done. There are several issues you may notice.

For now, realize that you are better off contacting a transmission repair shop in Mesa.


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