The Many Reasons For Reasons for Professional Transmission Repair in Mesa (contd)

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The reasons for transmission service or repair are diverse.

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Transmission Service in Mesa

As we covered previously, nearly all new vehicles and some pre-owned vehicles come with warranty protection. One type of warranty that lasts a long time is the power-train warranty, which covers the transmission, engine, and drive train. If any of these elements becomes damaged or defective within a stipulated period, the manufacturer is responsible for repairs and replacement expenses.

If you want your warranty to last for the specified period, you should avoid do-it-yourself repairs. The reason for this is that any additional problems that crop up during a DIY repair nullify the terms of the warranty. Yet another reason for professional transmission repair.

Transmission Fluid is More Important Than You Might Think

One common problem that affects the internal components of a transmission is friction. Inadequate lubrication of the transmission gears can result in grave problems. To ensure that the gears are well lubricated, you should have the transmission fluid changed and checked by an expert. It is advisable to have the transmission fluid replaced every 30,000 miles. A transmission fluid change by your mechanic helps to keep the following problems at bay:

  • Grinding noises when shifting gears: these noises are not only irritating but also an indication of bigger problems under your hood. If your vehicle begins generating such sounds, pull over and check the level and color of the transmission fluid.
  • Difficulty in shifting: some people prefer cars with automatic transmission, while others prefer a manual transmission. Regardless of the transmission type, one common aspect is the change of gears. With automatic automobiles, it may shift at odd times. With a manual transmission, you may find it harder to shift into position. All these are signs that your car requires a transmission fluid change.
  • Slipping gears: Failure to change the transmission fluid can cause the accumulation of dirt and grime in the transmission system. When this happens, it disrupts the pressure levels responsible for holding gears in place; hence, your transmission slips out of gear unexpectedly.

Accurate diagnosis

One of the merits of hiring professional auto transmission repair is that problems are diagnosed correctly. Establishing the specific transmission problem is hard to the untrained eye. For instance, a typical driver may not know the right level of the transmission fluid. Automobiles do not utilize transmission fluid in the same way as they use engine oil. Therefore, if the fluid level is low, this indicates a leaking problem.

So remember, call a transmission repair shop in Mesa for all your repairs.


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