Manual Transmission Problems and Transmission Repair in Mesa (Contd.)

Manual transmissions need transmission repair too

How much will it cost to fix a manual transmission? The answer depends on a few factors.

Repair Costs For a Manual Transmission

Get Manual Transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get Manual Transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

As we covered previously, the good news about manual transmissions is that repairing them is relatively inexpensive, compared to repairing an automatic transmission. If you’re not a car expert, you shouldn’t fix it yourself. Nonetheless, you should know some common problems and repairs for manual transmissions so you can assess whether or not your mechanic is giving you a fair price.

If your transmission leaks, you might have an excess of transmission lubricant. If the transmission case is cracked or warped, that also can result in leakage. Missing bolts, loose pieces, and clogs in the vent hole also can cause transmission lubricant leaks. If you suspect you have a transmission leak, park your car on a layer of paper towels. That will allow you to determine where the leak is.

Clutch Repair: The Sounds of Trouble

If your transmission makes a lot of noise in any one particular gear, you need to take it to a mechanic quickly. This can be a of sign worn bearings on that gear, as well as a lack of brake fluid.

If your drivetrain is making noise when you’re driving, there are a few possible causes. One possibility is worn out wheel bearings. Noise that only appears (or only disappears) when turning is usually caused by wheel bearings that need to be replaced, which is good news since this has nothing to do with your transmission and is cheaper to fix.

If you can’t easily shift from one gear to the next, it might mean that the linkage needs to be replaced. If you hear grinding when you’re trying to shift gears, it’s probably a problem with the synchronizers, which interact with the gears to control their speed.

Whatever the problem is, it’s wise to take your car, truck or SUV in and have a transmission specialist look at it. Some companies will even give you a no cost external diagnosis of your transmission plus and estimate for repairs. Since being stranded is not most people’s definition of a fun time, regular maintenance is helpful along with taking your vehicle in for expert advice when you feel or hear anything out of the ordinary.

The problems that develop with manual transmissions may involve anything from a clutch going out to a pin missing, which allows the transmission to become misaligned. If your mechanic replaces your clutch, he will clean the pressure plate and flywheel to ensure that there is no oil on these surfaces.

Your mechanic should also check the pilot bearing and the throw-out bearing, to make sure that they haven’t become too worn to operate effectively. The throw-out bearing’s inside collar can also become scored.

Even a manual transmission can be complex.  So what should you do?  Take it to a transmission repair shop in Mesa of course.


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