Mesa Transmission Repair: Why You Might Need It (Conclusion)

Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa

How do you know it’s time to fix your transmission? A lot of it depends on symptoms.

Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional | (480) 986-7367
Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional | (480) 986-7367

As we covered previously, it’s important to watch for the following signs of transmission problems and get your vehicle inspected at the first sign of trouble.

· The transmission slips between gears whilst driving or pops back to neutral

· Fluid smells like it is burned

· Unusual grinding/clunking/humming noises – particularly when in neutral

· Clutch is dragging – clutch remains engaged and causes grinding noises when attempting to shift

· Thumping or grinding when gear changes as opposed to smooth transitions

· Lag or delay between gear changes and/or higher-than-normal RPMs for a particular speed or gear change.

All of these are symptoms of a transmission issue that is developing. Bring your car into-our Service Center and we’ll road-test it and also check for transmission fluid-leaks, and other problem symptoms. In the event that your vehicle’s transmission starts to fail in some way (or fails completely), our competent mechanics often recommend a replacement, a re-building process, or other smaller repairs to guarantee that the vehicle will function reliably and properly. Each type of repair has got different procedures and costs that are associated with it.

Transmission Service, Diagnosis and Repair

Transmission repair in Mesa isn’t something that you take lightly. The transmission system is connected to critical parts of your car and needs to-be functioning well for your safety. When you do notice that you’re having issues with-your car’s transmission or clutch, it’s very crucial to have it checked soonest possible. Most times you could prevent a minor issue from becoming a-major repair. We have found that most times a simple-transmission service, clutch-adjustment or sensor replacement is able to solve your car’s transmission shifting issues, and avoid more pricey repairs. Transmission repair services comprise of replacing filters as well as draining fluids for preventing damage to the transmission. Typical transmission problems that could lead to repair include fluid leaking, shifting issues, stalling, slipping, and also the service light turning on. If you’re concerned that you might want transmission repair, do not hesitate to call us today to schedule an appointment with-us.

Our technicians provide both manual and automatic transmission repair and services. We have ASE Certified Master Technicians with extensive factory and industry-training and certification in the repair and maintenance of automobiles including manual and automatic transmissions. The technicians in our auto and transmission repair shop are all certified professionals with years of experience and with the right tools and the latest diagnostic equipment, making sure your car is diagnosed and serviced properly at a fair and competitive price.  That’s the difference between doing it yourself and professional transmission repair in Mesa.

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