Mesa Transmission Repair: Why You Might Need It (Contd.)

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Transmission repair in Mesa all starts with you taking care of your transmission.

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Transmission Repair in Mesa: Start With Keeping Your Transmission in Good Shape

As we covered previously, most owners forget to check and change the transmission fluid on a regular basis and it is easy to understand the reason why so many people get transmission problems. Automatic transmission fluid could overheat and break down, and that could cause damage to moving transmission parts. If you take care of the automatic transmission, you could increase the odds that it will last for the life of-your car.

Have the automatic transmission fluid changed every 24,000 miles, and have the transmission filter changed as well. You will likely keep transmission issues away, and the automatic transmission will last quite a long time, as it was intended to.

The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Just as engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine, transmission fluid is really important for the transmission of your car. Without the proper transmission fluid, it may cause disastrous problems resulting in costly repairs. We are an auto repair shop specializing in both manual and automatic transmission repair. There are a number of things you’ve to consider in keeping the transmission working smoothly. Since there is plenty of friction in the transmission, this fluid can help reduce it, thereby allowing it to-switch gears efficiently. We have trained technicians who understand the transmission inside out, which does allow them to detect any issue that may arise.

Symptoms of a Problem

There are a number of symptoms of a worn out or damaged transmission to watch for. Many issues can be solved or avoided by constantly changing a vehicle’s transmission fluid or having the transmission flushed regularly as recommended by the owner’s manual (typically, recommendations are between every 30,000 and 50,000 miles). A single mechanical failure could cause the vehicle’s engine to shut down and disable it fully, so it’s important to watch for the following signs and get your vehicle inspected at the first sign of trouble.

· The transmission slips between gears whilst driving or pops back to neutral

· Fluid smells like it is burned

· Unusual grinding/clunking/humming noises – particularly when in neutral

· Clutch is dragging – clutch remains engaged and causes grinding noises when attempting to shift

· Thumping or grinding when gear changes as opposed to smooth transitions

· Lag or delay between gear changes and/or higher-than-normal RPMs for a particular speed or gear change

If you experience any of these symptoms, get your car in for transmission repair in Mesa.



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