Mesa Transmission Repair: Why You Might Need It

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Whether or not you want to face it, sooner or later you’re going to need transmission repair in Mesa.

Mesa Transmission Repair and Avoiding Bigger Problems

Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

No one expects vehicle transmission problems. The automatic or manual transmission in your car is supposed to just go quietly and gently about its business. At some point, however, almost every vehicle owner will need to have transmission repair services for repairing their transmission or maintaining it. To avoid spending several hundreds of-dollars or even several thousand for your transmission repair, you need to take a number of preventative steps in keeping your car running smoothly. On your part, proper maintenance will make a big difference in the longevity of your car. So then, what is a transmission and what does it do. Why is yours letting you down following so many good miles together?

What is an automatic transmission? There is no engine component more intricate and essential than a vehicle’s transmission. Transmissions are responsible for shifting gears (manually or automatically) to dynamically vary the speed-torque ratio so as to deliver power to the wheels in a highly efficient manner based upon the car speed. In vehicles, the transmission is also at times known as a gearbox, as it features a train of toothed gears which pass power to the wheels. It utilizes the gears and gear-trains to transmit torque and speed from a rotating source of power to another device; an automatic transmission also features a fluid coupling known as a torque converter which passes power from the car engine to its gears. A manual transmission might not cause you any problems save for clutch wear: the manual transmission features a clutch pedal which could have been misused or poorly adjusted.

Why Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Vehicles are usually described as 5 or 6-speed which means they’ve that many gear ratios allowing the car to travel at the full speed range required and to make use of the output power of the engine as efficiently as possible. Owing to their complexity, regular use and function within a motor vehicle’s operation, transmissions experience lots of wear and tear. Add to that the fact that most owners forget to check and change the transmission fluid on a regular basis and it is easy to understand the reason why so many people get transmission problems. Automatic transmission fluid could overheat and break down, and that could cause damage to moving transmission parts.

So remember, your car is more than just your transportation.  It’s also an investment.  Go to to a professional transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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