Differential Repair in Mesa: The Industry Insider’s Guide (Contd.)

If you need differential repair in Mesa, you probably have a lot of questions.

Differential Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Differential Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

What Will a Service Technician Do to My Differential?

As we covered previously, in its most basic terms, a differential is a metal box of gears that allows the drive wheels to rotate at different speeds without the wheel binding or hopping.
Proper maintenance of your differential includes frequent servicing, which means checking the fluid levels and making sure that the gears are working properly. If there is something amiss in either of these, a technician might recommend any number of service options. This can be as simple as topping off the fluid to a total rebuild of your differential.

When your differential fluid is running low, the differential will run hot and cause premature wear on all of the parts inside. If your service technician properly checks the differential, he will probably tell you if there are any problems, but it is always good to ask.
When you select (Business name), you can be sure that your differential will be checked every time your vehicle is attended to for service. He will also recommend, or you can ask when the fluid should be changed. Rest assured that changing this fluid frequently will dramatically increase the life of your car’s differential. At (Business name) it is a regular service practice to check other related parts such as the u-joints that connect the drive shaft of your car to the differential. If any of these parts requires service, he will recommend that it be done. Depending on the make and model of car you drive, some u-joints can also be lubricated as part of your regularly scheduled lube maintenance, along with oil and filter change.

Wear and Tear?

Just as is the case with all automobile parts, a differential will wear and either be totally replaced or be subject to parts in it to be replaced. This should be of no surprise to anyone since even the best-maintained parts will occasionally need replacement. If, for example, you notice a strange noise coming from the axle area of your car. This is one of the first signs of differential problems. Also, when a differential shows signs of failing, it is critical that you have it checked, and if necessary, and repaired. If you allow issues with your car’s differential to go too long, and it freezes up on you when you’re driving, you could lose control of your car and related parts of your vehicle such as the axles, drive shafts and transmission, could be seriously damaged.

So don’t wait.  Get your differential repaired today.


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