Professional Transfer Case Repair: Caring for Your 4X4 (Continued)

Transfer Case Service Keeps Your Car Running Like It's New

Transfer case service is best done proactively, that is, before you have a problem.

As we covered previously,  you should never try to do transfer case repair on your own.   One misplaced part could cause your transfer case to stop working, and if you’re using a four wheel drive vehicle, that could be potentially fatal.

What Type of Transfer Cases Are There?

Transfer Case Service Keeps Your Car Running Like It's New | (480) 986-7367
Transfer Case Service Keeps Your Car Running Like It’s New | (480) 986-7367

Transfer case repair depends on knowing what type of transfer case you’re working with.  Transfer cases vary widely among makes and models of cars. The transfer case in a Chevrolet is different than the ones inside of a Ford. This can often make diagnosing a problem in your transfer case difficult, not to mention making the needed repair once it’s determined that your transfer case is the culprit in a problem. And not only are the parts different, but the repair procedures can be very different as well since the same methods used in repairs might not always be the same.

The uniqueness of a car’s transfer case makes it critical that you take your car to a mechanic who understands these systems, their differences, as well as the processes required to repair them.

Transfer Case Repair is More Complicated Than Most Auto Repairs

There are certain issues with today’s automobiles that are just as easy for an owner to handle as a mechanic. Unfortunately, certain problems, such as those that might pertain to the transfer case are not among them. For starters, a transfer case allows your vehicle to have four-wheel drive, which is a matter that often confuses vehicle owners. The transfer case takes power from the transmission and moves it to both the front and rear axle via two different drive shafts. Most transfer cases are located near the engine, which also makes them tricky to work on.  Yet another reason for professional transfer case repair in Mesa.

Let’s face it, this is much more complicated and prone to error than inflating a tire or checking your fluid levels. For this, you need an expert mechanic who not only understands how a transfer case works but how to diagnose a problem and how to fix it. This also requires the proper tools and equipment that makes these repairs possible, something that not all home mechanics have, or even know about.  That’s why you want a professional shop to do your transfer case repair.


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