Proactive Transmission Repair in Mesa (Contd.)

Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa

Transmission repair in Mesa is all about being proactive.  How well the engine is running has a big impact on the life of the transmission.

Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional | (480) 986-7367
Automatic Transmission Repair Should Be Left in the Hands of a Professional | (480) 986-7367

One of the biggest changes under the hood in the last few decades is the dependence relationship between the engine and the automatic transmission. As closely as the workings of the engine are linked to the transmission car owners can spare themselves two big repair headaches by keeping both serviced and running well.

One Key Reason to Visit a Transmission Repair Shop

One of the first mistakes most do-it-yourself make is underestimating, or overestimating the problem with the transmission. Because the link between a effectively working car or truck transmission, and the engine a mistake here can prove costly, and possibly dangerous. Before jacking up the car in the garage having a transmission repair shop assess the problem can save you money, and time in locating the real problem.

Transmission repair may be a bigger job than you may know.   The “how-to” books and website might make the job of swapping out the transmission look easy, but in fact it takes more time and effort than most people realize. Taking a long look at the parts you will need to remove just to get the transmission out might dissuade you. You will find a long list of brackets, bolts, nuts, and tubes. Bear in mind that what comes off, must be placed back in the right location. This means labeling each bolt and remembering it’s exact location. While it might sound amusing, this is the reason that many shops will see a car towed in, with a bag of nuts and bolts in the truck. Before turning the car’s transmission into a giant jigsaw puzzle, it’s a good idea to understand how complex this job can prove, and how time consuming it usually is even for someone with experience.

The Right Tools for the Job at your Mesa Transmission Repair Shop

Before starting out on a self fix-it on the transmission another consideration is having the right tools on hand. Everyone who’s visited a repair shop notices the impressive array of tools. When you hear a swap out of the transmission can cost over a thousand, the first thought might be that the parts required can be found far more cheaply.

Before you run out to buy them,  however, there’s something you need to do.  Call a transmission repair shop in Mesa.


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