Can I Repair My Automatic Transmission Myself? (Contd.)

Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa

Is it possible to fix a car transmission yourself?
As we covered previously,  repairing a transmission requires many special and expensive tools that most home tool kits don’t have. Many of them only fix  one thing, and that thing is on the transmission.

Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Save Money on Tools: Get Transmission Repair in Mesa

To justify the cost of acquiring them, you need to do a lot of transmission repair, and who does that? Not you, probably, but an auto shop does. So let the guy who has a transmission spring compressor or a linkage removal tool do the job. As if that weren’t enough, modern transmissions often have computer chips built into them, which adds another step to the installation process, which requires another specialty tool and more training. That’s another part of the training that mechanics get: they’re not just grease monkey anymore, they also get extensive training on the computer systems that keep cars running efficiently in the modern world.

Your automatic transmission is not just the most complicated part of your car. It’s also (along with the engine) the most important. The transmission mediates between the engine and the wheels, changing the ratio of speed to torque to ensure that power is delivered in the most efficient way. Maybe you already knew that: I remind you of it to tell you that if you install your transmission and you make a mistake, you will be able to tell in the way your car performs, if indeed it performs at all.

Go to a Transmission Repair Shop

It may be rewarding to do your own repairs, but one thing that they lack is a warranty: if you get a shop that offers a warranty to repair your automatic transmission and it ends up failing, sure, it’s inconvenient, but just take it back to them and they’ll take care of it. No extra cost to you but time. If you repair it yourself and you find your gears grinding in a way that you aren’t comfortable with, you’re just out of luck. You can dig deeper, if you want, and pull it back into your own garage and try to solve this problem of your own making.

I certainly don’t advise that. That means you’ve got to take it to the mechanic, really this time, and pay them to do the same thing you did for yourself at cost. And, if you’re unlucky, you’ll have to go through the particularly embarrassing process of explaining to the mechanic what exactly you did as you installed it, so that they can get a better sense of what went wrong. This is never a good feeling.  So go to a transmission repair shop in Mesa instead.

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