What You Can Expect from a Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa (Contd.)

Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa, AZ

Do you know whether you need regular transmission service or whether you need transmission repair in Mesa? Well, there are some clear signs and symptoms of issues with your transmission.

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Symptoms of Transmission Problems

There are a number of symptoms of a broken or worn-out transmission that can indicate that you might have a problem, some of which we have highlighted below. Some of the issues may be solved/avoided by frequently checking and changing your car’s transmission fluid or making sure the transmission is flushed each day based on the suggestions on the car’s manual (recommendations are usually between every 30-50,000 miles). One mechanical failure will cause the car’s engine to shut and disable it entirely.

If you don’t know how to change your transmission fluid, that’s the time to call a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

It’s important, however, to consider the symptoms of a broken transmission.  One symptom is a transmission that slips between gears while popping back to neutral or while driving.  However, sometimes it’s what you hear that may indicate a problem such as unusual humming/grinding noises especially when the vehicle is in neutral. Thumping or grinding when the gears are changing instead of having smooth transitions is another sign of a transmission in need of repair.  There are a lot of odd behaviors concerned with transmission problems.

Transmission Problems:  You Can Tell By the Smell, Well and The Drag Too

If you smell a burning smell while you’re driving, or your transmission fluid smells burnt when you check it, you have more transmission problems.  If your clutch stays engaged or makes grinding noises when trying to shift, you’ve got a manual transmission problem.

If you are however not sure of any symptoms of your transmission’s problem, most professional transmission shops will offer to check your engine for any symptoms and repaired if it’s worn-out.

The process of transmission repair is both difficult and labor-intensive. Professional mechanics will disassemble the transmission to diagnose the problem and replace the failing parts. Through this method, the parts causing the mechanical failure are found and replaced rather than having to install a complete transmission. Next, the mechanic checks the vehicle’s system that controls automatic shifting (for automatics).

After test driving the vehicle, a number of diagnostic tests and a comprehensive inspection, the technician or mechanic will remove the transmission and disassemble it. All the parts are inspected, cleaned and finally replaced if necessary. Other parts such as gaskets and seals are replaced anyway.

See that’s the thing.  And that’s why you want to go to a professional shop to fix your car.  Transmission repair is more complex than you might think.

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