Why You Should Find a Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa (Contd.)

Get Transmission Repair Mesa

Transmission repair in Mesa should always be proactive. In short, you should get your vehicle in for regularly scheduled service. If you can’t however, there are several warning signs to be careful of.

Get Transmission Repair Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get Transmission Repair Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair and Now

As we covered previously, you want to take your vehicle into a transmission repair shop in Mesa, particularly if your vehicle is showing clear symptoms like these:

• Shaking and “jumping”. If you are experiencing shimmying or lurching, it’s very possibly a transmission problem that is causing this unsettling occurrence. When gears begin to break down inside the transmission, they will “miss”, causing your car to lurch forward, or shimmy as the gears attempt to engage.

This is dangerous, to say the least. There are, of course, other problems that can cause this sort of behavior as well, but your transmission repair shop should be able to quickly determine if the problem is stemming from your transmission or another issue in the car.

More Signs of a Bad Transmission

• Lagging or unresponsiveness. One of the most obvious signs that something is amiss with your transmission is if you are experiencing a lagging or lack of movement when you attempt to accelerate. Often the engine will rev, but the speed increase will not match the engine’s output. Again, this is likely a failure of your transmission, but further exploration by a transmission specialist would be warranted to determine if this is indeed the problem, and if so, the extent of the damage.
• Slipping gears. This can be one of the most unsettling symptoms of transmission failure. You’re driving along, and suddenly your car makes a funny noise and you find yourself going slower and slower. This is typically caused by gears slipping in and out of place, affecting the torque, or power, being transferred to the drive train. When this happens, it’s similar to a trick knee – one moment it’s supporting you perfectly, and the next it slips and you find yourself immobilized. It’s not much different with a car. This is another symptom that can be pinpointed and accurately diagnosed by a good transmission shop.
• Burning smell. The smell of petroleum products burning is never a good sign, regardless of the origin. It can be the signal of a number of things, but a likely possible culprit is your transmission. The odor is hard to describe, but if you suspect your car is giving off those noxious fumes, don’t hesitate to get it checked out right away! If it’s not the engine, your general mechanic should be able and willing to refer you to a reliable, trustworthy transmission repair shop.

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