Transmission Repair in Mesa and The Gears of Your Transmission (Conclusion)

Get Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa

Should you do automatic transmission repair on your own, or should you let a pro handle it. Well, read on…

Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Automatic Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Let Professionals Handle Automatic Transmission Repair

That pretty much answers the above question. Remember how we discussed the complexity of the automatic transmission earlier. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand all of it, but if you didn’t, then point made. If you don’t fully understand how the automatic transmission works and how it is put together, then you aren’t qualified to fix it. While you can check the fluid quality and level on your own, that is as far as you can go without a professional.

Automatic transmission repair should always be handled by a professional. This includes fluid changes. But be sure you take your vehicle to an automatic transmission repair specialist who will know how to properly care for your transmission. There are many service shops that will do a transmission fluid change, but they only flush out the fluid and replace it with fresh fluid. What many don’t do is change the transmission filter and clean out the pan. This must be done.

It’s Easier to Fix Your Automatic Transmission Than Buy a New One

If your automatic transmission is in need of repair, rather than just a fluid change, this is even more reason to use a professional. You cannot get a brand new automatic transmission for your vehicle. They only exist in new vehicles. If you need your automatic transmission repaired, then it will be taken apart, any worn pieces will be replaced, and it will be put back together. There is no doubt that only a professional can handle such a job. If you opt for a used automatic transmission, then you will still need a professional to ensure it is of good quality and that it is properly installed.

Don’t take shortcuts.  There are certain parts of your car that are easy to replace.  A new set of tires?  $400 or even less if you hit a sale.  A new battery?  $100 or less.  Windshield wipers are cheap, as are spark plugs.  Your transmission?  Not so much.

The bottom line is, don’t take shortcuts with your automatic transmission repair or its maintenance. It is a highly complex piece of machinery that is critical to the operation of your vehicle. Always take your automatic transmission problems to a qualified professional.

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