Manual Transmission Repair Needs a Professional Mechanic (Contd.)

There are several clear signs of a manual transmission going bad.

Get Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

You Might Need Clutch Repair in Mesa If…

When changing gears in a vehicle with manual transmission the gears don’t make much, if any noise. If the gear change becomes noisy when shifting this is generally a good sign that the transmission has a fault. In some instances this issue may mean nothing more than a simple adjustment being needed. However in some cases it may be a sign that something more sinister is happening with the transmission and in this case a qualified mechanic should be sought to diagnose the issue.

As we covered previously, clutch repair is only for the expers.  It is going to be difficult for the motorist to determine whether the issue is only minor or not so it is advisable to have any problems or issues checked out with professionals. Any grinding noises along with scraping noises should not be ignored as turning a blind eye may lead to more damage of the transmission and vehicle, which may mean higher costs for repairs in the long run

Manual Transmission Repair:  Issues with the Clutch Pedal

The clutch on the vehicle is one of the most important parts in regards to the proper functioning of the manual transmission. There can be issues with the clutch and a clear sign that the clutch is at fault is when you don’t get efficient and smooth shifting. There are generally two types of issues with the clutch, a hard clutch and a soft one and a qualified mechanic will be able to determine which type of issue the vehicle is experiencing and fix it.

If the clutch is difficult to press down you may have problems with the clutch itself, the hydraulics or the linkage of the clutch. One problem with a hard clutch is that it may not disengage as it should and more often than not the driver will not be aware of this. However when this occurs and the problem is left un-diagnosed it may lead to total transmission failure.

On the other hand the clutch may be too easy to press and this is termed a soft clutch. Just as with the hard clutch issue, the soft clutch should not be ignored and is a clear sign that there is something wrong and it needs the eye of a mechanic to find out the issue and stop it from becoming a major issue with the manual transmission.

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