Manual Transmission Repair Needs a Professional Mechanic

Manual transmissions need transmission repair too

Manual transmission repair should only be done by a professional mechanic.

Get transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Clutch Repair:  Not For Beginners

Clutch repair is more difficult than you might think.  Many car owners are able to tackle some of the minor issues that crop up with their vehicle but issues with the manual transmission is not one of them. Manual transmission repair should be undertaken by a professional mechanic as the transmission is often one of the most difficult parts of the car to diagnose and repair. So let’s get a better understanding of the manual transmission and some of the many ways you may be able to tell when it’s time to take the vehicle into the shop.

While automatic transmissions are becoming the more popular choice due to the fact that they are typically more efficient than the manual, there are still many car drivers who choose to go with the manual. This is due to the following reasons:

· The manual transmission is generally less expensive out of the two to maintain;

· It is typically the least expensive in regards to any repairs;

· It is generally considered to be more reliable than the automatic due to it having fewer moving parts.

Signs That Your Manual Transmission May Need Repairing

There are typically signs that may give an indication that the car might be in need of manual transmission repair, these include:

· Shifting becomes difficult;

· Gears pop out or disengage;

· Gears become noisy;

· Clutch pedal is soft;

· Clutch pedal is hard.

Difficulty in Shifting Gears

Generally the manual transmission operates in an efficient and smooth manner. A clear sign that there is something wrong with the transmission of the vehicle is when you start to have difficulty shifting the gears. This includes the gears failing to glide smoothly when changing them, often known as hard shifting. You may have to use force that is excessive when changing gears and in some cases shifting gears may become next to impossible, if not impossible.

Gears Pop Out or They Disengage

A clear indication that the vehicle needs taking to a professional for manual transmission repair is when the gears pop out of place or they disengage. Transmission freewheeling as it is known can have serious consequences on the operation of the vehicle and deserve immediate attention from a mechanic. Manual transmission popping out or becoming disengaged is a common sign that there is something wrong with the transmission as generally gears operate smoothly.

If these signs occur, then get into a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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