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How often should you get your transfer case serviced?  This is one of the questions that will be answered by this article.

Call Trail Transmission for Transfer Case Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Call Trail Transmission for Transfer Case Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

How Often You Should Change your Transfer Case Fluid

You should change your transfer case fluid every 30,000 miles. Your transfer case engages and disengages the four-wheel-drive when activated and de-activated. A transfer case is an aluminum housing mounted on the underside of the vehicle and is usually either  gear driven chain or by chain.

Because of the fact that your transfer case is a sealed unit and contains multiple moving parts, transfer case fluid is used to  lubricate the components as well as reducing heat and keeping the parts clean.  Like your transmission fluid, it is important for you to have a transfer case repair shop  check out your transfer case and see if you need to have your transmission fluid replaced.

Does Transfer Case Fluid Dissipate?

Does transfer case fluid dissipate like oil?  The oil in your car can drop down in the level it is at.  You can have less oil than you used to.  Your transfer case and automatic transmission, however, are both sealed systems.  There should be no drop in your transfer case fluid level.  If it is lower, then it means that you probably have a leak or a crack in the casing, which can be potentially serious and lead to full blown transfer case repair.

Transfer case fluid, much like automatic transmission fluid can’t dissipate, however, it can become contaminated.  At that point it can cause the components of your transfer case to start grinding against one another. For a while that’s not a problem, but if it continues, than you are in for  a major transfer case repair.

Does every car or truck need transfer case repair.  Actually, no.  Transfer case repair is only on vehicles that have a four wheel drive installed.  A transfer case is for transferring power between the front and rear wheels.  Since you are using a transfer case in extreme environments, you want to make sure that you get your vehicle serviced periodically.

So remember, there’s a difference between regular service and major repair.  It’s all about early detection.  So don’t wait.  Make sure you get into a shop that does transfer case service in Mesa, AZ.

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