Everything You Wanted to Know About Transmission Repair in Mesa But Were Afraid to Ask

Get a Transmission Repair and Stay on the Road

Here are some important facts about fixing your car’s transmission.  Or, to put it another way, everything you wanted to know about transmission repair in Mesa, but were afraid to ask.

Get a Transmission Repair and Stay on the Road | (480) 986-7367
Get a Transmission Repair and Stay on the Road | (480) 986-7367

Can’t I Fix My Transmission Myself?

Can’t I fix my transmission myself?  We get asked that a lot.  Well, let’s give you an idea about even a simple transmission.  One of the reasons that transmission repair is often pricey is the sheer labor involved in taking apart and rebuilding a transmission.  Transmissions can have as many as 1,200 parts.  That’s not the engine of your car, that’s just your transmission.  Most cars average about 900 parts, and obviously in the case of a manual transmission, you’re going to have even fewer parts to worry about.  Be that as it may, however, even a simple manual transmission has a big learning curve if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing tries to fix it.

If it were just one or two gears, a transmission repair would be a simple fix.  Take one gear out and then replace it, put it back together and your car would be road worthy once more.  However, that’s not the way such things work.  An automatic transmission is composed of several gears, computer modules and a tube and a pan filled with automatic transmission fluid.  All it takes is one loose screw and you could find your transmission quite literally grinding to a halt, and then, as we will cover in a future article, you have a major transmission repair.  And without the right tools, what starts out as a simple repair ends up becoming a nightmare on so many levels

Get on the Road, Fix Your Transmission Today

If you live anywhere in the Phoenix area, there’s one thing that is not open for debate.  You need a car to get around.  If you were to try to get from Queen Creek to the edges of Sun City West, by freeway, you’re looking at an hour and 10 minute drive each way.   By bus, about 5 hours.  So consider what would happen if you had your car in your carport or garage while you needed it.  You would be in a world of hurt while you waited for a way to fix your transmission.

So, save  yourself some money. Save yourself some downtime too, and a major hassle.  Get your transmission fixed at a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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