Don’t Damage Your Car: Go to a Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa

Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

If your transmission is starting to act up, don’t damage your car.  Take it into a transmission repair shop in Mesa instead.

Start With Scheduled Transmission Service

When you are out for a leisurely drive with a carefree mind, you want your car to run smoothly. But, this will happen only if you take a proper care of your vehicle’s scheduled transmission service. Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where his/her car begins to malfunction in the midst of a journey. All the vehicle owners should be careful enough to choose a reliable auto repair and maintenance company for the proper upkeep of their vehicles. Whether it is good to go to a car repair shop or to an independent dealer to save money. Given here are some important pointers that help make the right decision. 

Conducting a Research Helps a Lot

Comparing prices between independent repair shops and multiple dealers will prove to be very helpful. Make sure to ask them for a printout to know what all services are included like labor fee, breakdown parts prices and any other fee like disposal of hazardous waste etc. It is important to compare what all you are getting. It is wiser to choose a car repair shop that sells your specific brand because the shop is more likely to follow the much recommended service whereas an independent dealer that deals with other brands may not. 

Transmission Repair: Check the Parts as Well as The Rates

Contrary to the popular myth that the independent transmission repair shop has the lowest rates, there are several instances where car repair dealers charge lower labor rates. These dealers come up with coupons and special offers which reduces overall rates. On the other hand, there are some independent mechanics who are forced to raise the labor rates to make up their loss. It is better for you to compare the labor rates and also the estimated time to complete the job. 

Make sure that OEM parts are used, whenever possible.  Dealerships normally use original parts supplied by the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Apparently, these parts are more expensive than the aftermarket parts. Independent car repair shops use aftermarket parts unless the customer requests them to use OEM parts. While OEM parts may cost a bit more, they’re worth it when you consider that you could end up with a part that’s not compatible.  Always remember, that to use aftermarket parts may be cheaper at first, but may lead to added problems in future. When in doubt, check with your transmission repair shop in Mesa

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