Preventative Transmission Maintenance

Manual transmissions need transmission repair too

Keeping your car or truck on the road with preventative transmission maintenance and repair is important. Just as you have other parts of your car serviced, your transmission need proper maintenance to guarantee a long life as well as to avoid frequent transmission problems.

Get transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get transmission service in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Can’t I Do Transmission Repair Myself?

Can’t I do transmission repair myself?  If you know 100% the steps you have to take to not only tear down your transmission, but to rebuild it as well, then by all means.  However, when such a problem arises and you don’t know what you’re doing,  you should get your car or truck repaired by a professional. Their transmission service usually consists of a complete diagnosis of your transmission’s performance and general operation. Most of these procedures will be performed twice by a technician which allows for double checking of your transmission’s key system providing you with added assurance.

Transmission repair provider usually performs Multi-Check Inspection which includes:

Fluid Check

Road Test

Lift Inspection or Diagnosis

Pan Examination

Transmission Fluid Check

Fluid check indicates thew first sign of possible wear or damage. Normally, a faultless transmission has a clear red fluid. However, if it is discolored or has unpleasant odor this may be an indication of internally wear and damage which occurs as you drive your car or truck. These and other symptoms require an internal inspection of your transmission.

Road Test

This is the most detailed part of the Multi-Check inspection. It consists of two road tests, a stationary test and driving test. Every position of your transmission will be tested thoroughly for soft, harsh or erratic shifting, slipping or other noises including late or early shift patterns.

Lift Inspection

During lift inspection, the technician will check the following to determine if a minor adjustment will correct the problem with your transmission.

Neutral Switch

Engine RPM

Throttle Linkage


Transmission Mounts


Fluid Retention

Electronic Controls

Transmission Service:  Start With the Pan

Pan Examination

This is the most important part of the Multi-Check inspection as it provides both you and the technician with a partial look inside your transmission. This service basically determines exactly what is wrong inside your transmission. In most pans, some metal particles and friction materials are present but an excessive amount indicates internal wear and damage. In this case, a minor adjustment may correct the problem.  In a later article, we will cover more checks that occur during a transmission service, but for now, know that your mechanic does a lot with your transmission.

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