Transmission Repair: Why you Should Hire a Pro

Get Transmission Repair Mesa

As we covered in an earlier article, you want to make sure you hire a pro where transmission repair is concerned…

Get Transmission Repair Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get Transmission Repair Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Repair:  It Makes $ense

Transmission repair is much cheaper than buying a new car, or buying a new transmission for that matter.  Buying a car is easy, maintaining it on the other hand is more complex and also more important.

The importance of regular transmission maintenance cannot be overemphasized. This is basically because if you don’t maintain your ride well, then it will become a piece of junk in no time. The transmission is one important part of a car whose maintenance should never be overlooked. When your transmission is damaged you basically have the following options in repairing it.

Transmission Repair Options

  •  Installing a new transmission. It is difficult to find a new transmission for any type of car in the dealers shop. This is because they are only made for new cars and most companies don’t manufacture spare transmissions. Those who purport to sell you new transmission are probably selling you a remanufactured one. You might not be able to tell them apart but if a professional is working on your car will advice you on this
  • The other option available for your transmission repair is a rebuilt. Here the transmission is disassembled with the aim of identifying all the damaged hard parts. The damaged hard parts are replaced with new ones and reassembled according to factory specifications of the car. During the rebuilt all the soft parts are also replaced.
  • Another option is to install a remanufactured transmission. This is basically the same as a rebuilt and the only difference is that a remanufacture takes place in a factory setting and is usually done by professionals.
  •  You can also choose to replace your transmission with a used one. Being used does not mean that the transmission is beat up. Nowadays it is not uncommon for insurance companies to write-off cars after a minor accident. These cars still have plenty of parts that can be reused on other vehicles. Getting a transmission from one of these cars is still a viable option.

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