Transmission Problems and Transmission Repair Mesa (Contd.)

Find the best transmission repair shop in Mesa

Transmission repair Mesa depends on knowing the signs of trouble.

Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

As we covered in an earlier article on this subject, a lot of these common transmission problems can be avoided.

More Common Transmission Problems

Whining and Clunking sounds in any car should be reason enough for one to visit a garage and get the problem checked. Telling whether your car is experiencing a transmission problem might be some how difficult but the moment your car starts emitting unusual noises then you need to get a professional to fix it. These sounds are mostly common when one is shifting gears or when accelerating.
Low level of the automatic transmission fluid is another clear sign that the car is experiencing transmission problems. The fact that the fluid level is easy to tell acts as an advantage to the driver as he or she will be able to get fixed in time. Unlike the motor oil, the transmission fluid is never consumed by the car and should therefore be at the original level at all times. The fluid ensures proper transmission in the car and therefore needs to be checked on regular basis.
Grinding or shaking when engaging a gear should worry any driver because a car that is in good working condition is always expected to run smoothly without any complications. If neglected the condition may worsen to a point that it will become extremely difficult to shift into the next gear and there will be more shaking in the process. This condition is best resolved by a professional because various parts of the gear system or the clutch may be worn out and in need of replacements.
Burning smell being emitted from your car is one of the easiest symptoms to tell that the car is indeed in a bad shape. This symptom in itself is very scary and therefore getting a professional to inspect the car should come naturally from any driver. A burning smell in a vehicle may come as a result of a leak in the transmission fluid. The fluid ensures there is no friction in the transmission system therefore friction will definitely cause damage to the car without it. Any burning smell from the car should be a cause of concern as the problem can result into greater damages when not checked immediately.
Noisy transmission when the gear is in neutral is also a worrying trend but can easily be fixed by addition of transmission fluid or changing the entire fluid. Drivers are however advised to still seek a professional’s advice just in case the transmission problem is a severe one.

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