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Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Transmission problems can happen to every transmission from simple manual ones to complex computer controlled automatic transmissions.

What an Automatic Transmission Does

Automatic transmissions basically ensure that vehicles function properly. The transmission functions by shifting gears, changing the car or truck’s speed and providing power to the wheels. Since it does so much and has so many complex moving parts, however, it can experience  wear  and  tear and require transmission service. Transmission problems are common with vehicles that are not well maintained.

For example, just by checking and replacing the transmission fluid regularly, it can prevent any transmission repair from being major.  Occasionally, it can be due to technical issues, all of which should be solved by a transmission repair shop Mesa. Identifying a mechanical problem may be a difficult task for those who are not well trained and you will need a professional to be able to tell where the exact problem is so that it can be repaired.

Fixing a mechanical problem can be costly especially when the car is severely damaged and needs replacements of certain parts so any driver is usually advised to ensure that his or her car’s transmission is properly working at all times. That’s why as your transmission repair shop Mesa, we recommend that you get regular transmission service done on your vehicle at every 15,000 miles on the average, however, the definitive word on when you should do this should always be your car or truck’s owner’s manual.  It’s often troubling to see people leaving their owner’s manual in their trunk or in the glove compartment of their vehicle.

Common Transmission Problems

There are several problems that commonly occur with transmissions.  Lack of response while engaging the gear is a clear sign of transmission failure and should always be given special attention by a driver. This type of transmission error is easy to tell by any driver as the vehicle is always expected to go into gear whenever the driver shifts from one gear to another. With a manual transmission, the car will tend to go at a slower speed than the sound of the engine. In most cases the clutch is always found to be faulty and needing a replacement but one should be quick to take the car to be checked by a mechanic because the vehicle might be having a more severe problem.  We will cover this more in a later article, but for now, make sure that you don’t try to do this on  your own.

If you’re experiencing problems with your transmission, don’t wait.  Get into a transmission repair shop Mesa immediately.

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