How to Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems Conclusion

Fixing your car depends on a lot of knowledge, including knowing how to diagnose automatic transmission problems. How can you know something is up? Read on…

Image courtesy of Surachai/
Image courtesy of Surachai/

Automatic Transmission Fluid: It Should Never Be Low

Check your transmission fluid at least every couple of months, or have a repair shop check it for you.  Your transmission fluid should never be low.  Without proper lubrication, you can cause serious damage to your car or truck’s transmission.  All it takes is one broken gear and instead of n automatic transmission, you have a bunch of broken pieces in a bell housing.

Like we covered in our last article, unlike motor oil which can evaporate, your transmission is a sealed system, so the fluid level should stay the same.  If you see that your transmission fluid is lower than it should be, it likely means that you have a leak.  How can you tell if your transmission is leaking?  That’s actually easy.  Use your eyes.  When you back your car out of your garage or carport, do you notice any red-colored stains?  If so, you probably have a transmission leak, most likely a bad seal somewhere.  However, later term transmission fluid leaks can cause other problems such as transmission failure.

When you’re checking your transmission fluid, you want to also make sure that it looks reddish in color, and not too dark.  If it looks black, you probably need to get it into a shop. Transmission fluid that is too dark is very dirty, and is likely to cause damage to your transmissions gears and other components.  It also can indicate that your transmission filter is clogged as well, or needs to be replaced.

Some Final Thoughts on Transmission Repair

If you have the knowledge, the time, and the tools to do so, you can try to do transmission repair on your own, if not, then you are actually better getting it into a repair shop.  With transmission repair as we covered previously, there is a big learning curve if you don’t know what you’re doing.  There is a very good reason why mechanics usually have a great deal of experience before they even start working on a transmission.

So remember, know what you can diagnose and do on your own, and what you’re going to need help with.  And most of all, make sure you call a transmission repair shop in Mesa.

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