How Can You Tell if Your Transmission is Going Part 2

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Part two of our series explores how you can tell your transmission is going.  Some transmission problems occur in gear, some happen however in the weirdest ways…

Get Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367
Get Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367

Transmission Problems in Neutral

Most people think that transmission problems only happen when you shift, however, sometimes, how you can tell your transmission is going bad is the way it acts in neutral.  Again from the site HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM: “It seems intuitive that if you hear weird noises when the car should be shifting, that the transmission is acting up. But would you suspect it if things were going “bump” in neutral? Yes, it could be the transmission. Such sounds could have a simple and inexpensive solution — as with many of the problems on our list, adding or replacing the transmission fluid sometimes does the trick. Bear in mind that as is the case with engine oil, different vehicles do best with the specific formulation called for in the owner’s manual. Alternatively, lots of noises from the transmission while it’s in neutral could signal something more serious, like mechanical wear that will need the replacement of parts. [READ MORE]

So many times, something like changing the transmission fluid can resolve so many issues, but too often people neglect this one simple repair.  The truly sad thing is that changing the fluid is one of the cheapest repair jobs around, but people think it will cost more and put it off, only to find out what was a $100 repair job now costs $2000-3000.  Why?  Well, mechanical problems don’t get better on their own, they need to be fixed or they just get worse and affect other systems in your power train as well.

Transmission Service Vs. Transmission Repair

Just by following your owner’s manual and getting your car in for transmission service can save you a fortune in repair costs.  Why?  Well, there is big difference between transmission service and a full transmission repair job.  For one thing, usually scheduled services are covered by your warranty.  As a result, what you pay can often be minuscule  if you even have to pay.  It all depends on your warranty, obviously.  However, even without warranty coverage, transmission service is way cheaper than transmission repair.

So remember, that when your car is starting to have problems, it is usually not subtle.  There are smells that happen and sounds.  What is normally a smooth experience is rough.  So read your owner’s manual, and pay attention to your car, and when it is time, get it in for transmission service.

For more information on transmission problems, be sure to read part one of this series as well.

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