Get Transfer Case Repair and Go 4x4ing Part 1: Ajax Trail

Transfer case repair helps your four wheel or all wheel drive vehicle run smoothly. And in Arizona, 4x4ing  can be fun.

Go 4x4ing? Get your Transfer Case Serviced | (480) 986-7367
Go 4x4ing? Get your Transfer Case Serviced | (480) 986-7367

Transfer Case Service

You want to get transfer case service for your 4X4.  Arizona is home to some rugged territory and beautiful places to see.  Some of them like Sedona or the Grand Canyon you can get to by highway, but others are well off the beaten track and can only be reached by using a four wheel drive vehicle.  Some places are actually quite close by and worth a look.  For example, look at Ajax trail.  According to this excerpt from “Ajax can be found in southern Arizona, about 15 miles northeast of Florence. From highway 79 take the dirt road heading east between mile markers 144 and 145. The approximate location of the trailhead (you really ought to get the topo map) is 33 degrees, 12 minutes, 20 seconds north, 111 degrees , 11 minutes, 30 seconds west. Approximate, because the trail wanders in and out of the wash and crosses adjacent roads.” [READ MORE]

4X4ing is not for everyone.  However, for those who love the spirit and call of the west, it is an incredibly fun activity.  You can see parts of Arizona that aren’t on the travel brochures, and partake of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.  However, before you do so, you should get your transfer case looked at.

Transfer Case: Avoid Problems Before They Start

Your 4×4 takes a lot of punishment.  Your shocks and struts are just one part of your vehicle that has to go through a lot when out in the desert or wherever you’re heading.  Getting transfer case service before you have a problem makes sense not just for any potential expense, but for your own safety.  A great many of the places that people go 4X4ing in are not well known for cell phone reception.  As a result, if your transfer case breaks down, and overall, your 4×4 won’t shift properly, you may be stuck there a while.  In the spring and fall, this isn’t as much of a problem as it is now.  But in the summer when it is well above 100 degrees…

So don’t borrow trouble.  If you’re going to go four wheeling around Arizona, make sure you’re prepared.  Make sure you have enough water and gas up your sport utility vehicle or truck before you head out.  And before you even think about going out, have your vehicle checked over by a mechanic that does transfer case repair.

For more information on transfer case repair or trails in Arizona, be sure to read part two as well.

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