Typical Transmission Problems Part 2: Chevy and GMC

Find the best transmission repair shop in Mesa

Part two of a series on typical transmission problems explores problems you may encounter with a Chevrolet or GMC.

Chevy Transmission Problems

Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Find the right transmission repair shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

First off, let’s start with the basics.  As a rule, unless you’re getting into a corvette or other sportscar, most likely your Chevrolet has an automatic.  If if is a 4X4, it will also have a transfer case.   Of relatively newer model Chevys and GMCS, the ones with the most transmission problems are the Chevy Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and the Acadia. Chevy Silverado has a great many transmission problems.  It makes sense because it uses the same transmission as a GMC Sierra

GMC continues to experience problems with their Sierra, with a recall as recently as 2013 for acceleration problems and transmission slip. According to REFERENCE.COM:

“One of the most common issues with GM transmissions is shifting hard, or sluggish shifting. In severe cases the transmission may not shift at all. In most cases this is related to a lack of fluid.” READ MORE

Common Transmission Problems

A lot of transmission problems all tie to a common root:  transmission fluid.  Unless you have a leak, your transmission fluid should stay static.  However, if your transmission fluid is dirty, you either have a bad filter, or it is time to change your transmission fluid.  And your car needs transmission fluid the same way your engine needs oil, as a lubricant.

Signs of transmission fluid related problems include slipping, not being able to shift, and lurching.  If you encounter these problems, don’t suffer with them.  Get it in to a Ford dealer or a transmission repair shop to fix the issue.

This concludes part two of our series.  For more information, be sure to read part one as well.

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