American Cars and Transmission Repair

The distinction between a domestic car and a foreign car is irrelevant where transmission repair is concerned.

Foreign or Domestic: What’s the Difference in Transmission Repair?

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Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

It used to be that there was a huge difference between a car that was made in the US and a car that was made somewhere else. However, except for a few models, the line has blurred a lot. A lot of so-called foreign cars now take GM, Napa, or Ford auto parts. In addition, a lot of cars that are regarded are foreign are actually made in the US, such as Toyota and Hyundai. If the distinction blurs between foreign and domestic, the lines between different types of transmissions and transmission repair is very clear, however.

Regardless of make and model, cars in the US have largely used automatic transmissions since the 1950’s. The ratio is about 83% to 17% automatic. The other cars in the US are manual transmissions. However, when you get into Europe and parts of Asia, the numbers are reversed. A lot of cars in Europe are manual transmissions, and most people there prefer them to automatics. And they obviously need different types of repairs

Manual Transmissions and Automatic Transmission Repair

A clutch, stick shift, or manual transmission doesn’t need the same sort of repair that an automatic does.  First off, a manual is not as sophisticated as an automatic is.  As a result of this, a manual transmission almost always needs a clutch repair done as opposed to the transmission itself.

So what’s the difference between an American car and a foreign car?  The simplest way to tell is to look at the transmission.  As to how can you tell if you have a manual or automatic, look at the gear shift.  Automatics are usually abbreviated P-R-D-2-L, while stick shifts are numbered with only 1 letter.  So, essentially 1-2-3-4-r.  But whatever type you’ve got, make sure you get it in for regular transmission service.

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