Transmission Service and Common Transmission Problems

With as sophisticated as transmissions are, transmission problems can be easily categorized.  This article will explore what can go wrong with an automatic.

Transmission Problem # 1:  What Do I Do If My Transmission Won’t Shift?

Image courtesy of Surachai/
Image courtesy of Surachai/

If you find that you can’t shift gears at all, then first off, don’t panic.  The best method of how to diagnose a transmission problem is to start simple and work your way up.  Start by asking a lot of questions.

Are there any leaks under your car?  How long has it been since you’ve checked the transmission filter?  When was the last time you went in for transmission service?  These simple fixes will often solve the problem without an expensive repair.  If you check your transmission fluid and it is low, then you have a leak somewhere.  Your automatic transmission is a closed system, unlike your car’s oil system.  You can lose motor oil, but the only time you lose fluid from your transmission is when there is a leak.  However, it isn’t just leaks you want to look out for in your transmission. Look for the color too.  Transmission fluid should always be a bright red.  If your fluid is dark colored, it’s about 80% certain your transmission filter is bad.  But what about when your transmission shifts roughly

Transmission Problem #2:  It Shifts, But Lurches

Except for rare problems, a lot of times the transmission fluid and filter are the same culprits if your car is shifting roughly or if it is lurching.  If that isn’t the issue, then you may have a more serious transmission problem on your hands.  Just remember though, start simple before you panic.

A lot of problems can be solved a simple inspection, both by you and by the mechanic of your choice.  If you need to get your transmission fixed, however, take it to a professional.

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