Is it Time for a Transmission Rebuild?

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Transmission repair is never fun. One of the last things that a car owner wants to hear are the words transmission rebuild. Sometimes, however, there is no other choice available.

Transmission Rebuilds: What You Should Know

Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Repair In Mesa | (480) 986-7367

There is a big difference between a simple repair such as a  transmission fluid change and a rebuild. Make sure you have exhausted all other possible problems before agreeing to a rebuild. Replace your filter first. Just by doing this, you can solve a great many transmission issues. However, if your filter’s okay, and nothing else is out of whack, you will probably have to do a rebuild.

How much is a transmission rebuild? Well, first off, make sure that you are not under any sort or warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance. A lot of times, while this sort of coverage can be annoying for what they don’t cover, almost all of them cover power train repairs, such as a transmission. If there is no warranty coverage, the repair cost will be determined partially on parts you’re going to need, but the bulk would be the labor. Anytime you have to tear apart a transmission and put it back together it adds to the bill.  There is however some good news regarding this sort of repair though.

Transmission Rebuilds and Warranty Coverage

Transmission rebuilds are usually warrantied repairs.  This means that once they are completed, there is usually a warranty on the service.  This will help you if something else goes wrong with your transmission later on.

So remember, you want to try the simple fixes first. Get your fluid checked and changed, as well as your filter.  Then make sure you get into a reputable shop if you need to go a step up and get a transmission rebuild.


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