Clutch Repair

Manual transmissions sooner or later will need to have clutch repair done.  First off how many of them are there out there?

Manual Transmissions

Get Clutch Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Get Clutch Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

In the US, there aren’t too many manual transmissions any more. Estimates vary, but there are about two million of them still around.  Most people in the US prefer an automatic transmission to a manual one. In Europe on the other hand, there are a lot more manual transmissions than automatic ones.

One car group that almost always have manual transmissions are classic cars. A lot of people even now prefer manual transmissions to automatic ones because of the freedom that they give. And if you live in a rural area, it is fun to shift gears up and down like you’re some sort of race car driver. But in the city, however, automatic transmissions are a thousand times better. And it is a rite of passage to train a young driver on a stick shift, rather than just having them put it into gear and going. A lot of people will get into arguments regarding having a clutch versus having an automatic.

How Often is it Necessary to Repair a Clutch?

Want our take? Both cars have strengths and weaknesses. So get the car that makes you happy. If you want to shift and then forget, get an automatic transmission. If you want to shift gears a lot, get a manual. Clutches aren’t obviously as sophisticated as automatics are, however, they still can break. The timeframes are usually in the 60,000 range, however, as opposed to the 30,000 range as a rule. Even though they are simple, you never want to try to fix a clutch yourself unless you have a mechanic’s background.

So remember, life is about choices. Regular coffee or decaf? Smoking or non-smoking? And of course automatic or manual transmission?

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