Keep it Local: Why You Should Pick a Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa Part 3

Part three of our series on locally owned businesses like our own transmission repair shop explores some final reasons to consider working with a local business.

Transmission Repair: Keeping Mesa’s Economy Alive

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367
Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367

Mesa has a great many depressed areas right now.  It’s quite sad to see closed plazas and businesses on Main Street and by Fiesta Mall.  You also have to realize that Mesa, geographically is a big area. Mesa is divided into east Mesa and west Mesa. Mesa is roughly 133.13 square miles.  One of the problems that Mesa is just now starting to overcome is the lack of locally owned businesses.  Big box retailers are still here, but there are also smaller businesses such as transmission repair shops, locally owned markets, and more.

As a transmission repair shop that services east Mesa and the surrounding area, we are happy to see this starting to change.  It’s too easy to rely on out of state companies, but when they close up operations, what then?  Most people are under a misconception about business. It’s thought that big corporations employ more people, but that’s not the case.
In fact 80% of the businesses in the US are small businesses.

Why Go Local For Transmission Repair

A big transmission repair chain will probably treat you like a number, not a customer.  They will want to get paid as soon as possible, as we all do to be fair, but they will likely charge you a very big price to fix your car.

So remember, that you can make a difference.  Help Mesa out, and help yourself out at the same time.  Go to a transmission repair shop in Mesa to fix your car.

This concludes part three of our series on local business.  For more information on transmission repair, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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