Services of a Transmission Repair Shop in Mesa Part 2

Part two of a series explores the services that are offered at a professional transmission repair shop in Mesa.

What Does a Transmission Inspection Entail?

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367
Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Transmission Service | (480) 986-7367

Any decent transmission service shop will offer transmission inspection as part of their services. But what does a transmission inspection entail?  As a rule, inspecting your transmission includes such procedures as checking your fluid level, band adjustment, test driving, and filter replacement.

In addition, they will probably remove your oil pan and inspect it.  Why?  Well, if there are any gears or other components going bad in your transmission, there will be pieces of metal in the oil pan as well as burnt filaments which usually indicates friction material.  If your vehicle does have a transmission problem, what then?

From Transmission Inspection to Transmission Repair

As we stated in our last article, there is no hard and fast rule to how much it will cost to repair a transmission.  The repair bill is a combination of the cost of the parts involved, as well as the labor charges to take the transmission apart and put it back together again. You have to understand that your transmission is a complicated piece of equipment  and as such a lot can go wrong with it.  Some repairs me be as little as a few dollars including labor while at the the other end of the scale,  your repair may run into the hundreds of dollars if your transmission is damaged.

A good way of keeping your repair bill down is to be proactive.  Routine maintenance is cheaper, and with the help of a transmission repair shop, you’ll be able to get it all done on schedule.


This concludes part two of our series.  For additional information on transmission repair and transmission service, be sure to read part one and part three.


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