Truck Transmission Repair Part 1

Part one of a series on truck transmission repair explores pickups.

Transmission Repair for Your Pickup Truck

Image courtesy of Surachai/
Image courtesy of Surachai/

Pickup trucks are part of the American west.  They are the replacement for the wagon and mule-team, and are a lot more useful.  From the ranch and the farm to the construction site, a pickup truck  is a multi-functional vehicle.  You can haul cargo with one, and if you have a super king cab, you don’t have a truck, you’ve got a cowboy limousine.  So with all the work it does, sooner or later it may start to break down, particularly the transmission.  And what do you do if your truck has transmission problems?  

You find a transmission repair shop in Mesa, of course.  Why do you want to go to a specialist up front?  Well, it will ultimately save you a bit of time and money, surprisingly.  Most auto shops don’t have any facilities to take care of transmissions in house, so guess what they do?  They outsource the transmission job to an external shop.  That adds a bit more to your labor charges. Taking your truck in to a transmission expert however will help you in the long run.

Automatic Transmission Repair for Trucks

A pickup truck is a nice bridge.  It’s not the huge heavy machine that say a semi truck is, but it’s not a sport pickup either. So a pickup truck is a useful and practical vehicle and if customized correctly, it can be luxurious too.  So take care of your truck.

When it gets covered in mud, wash it off.  Keep the air pressure up in your tires so you get good gas mileage.  And get your pickup truck in for regular transmission service every 15,000 miles.

This concludes part one of our series, be sure to read part two as well.

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