Power Train Components Part II: Your Automatic Transmission

Get your automatic transmission repaired

Part two of a three part series, this article explores your car’s automatic transmission.  Your car or truck is not one piece, obviously.  It’s made of a series of interrelated components…

Automatic Transmissions and Modern Cars

1407935_instrument_panelOne important component in your vehicle, that requires special attention is your automatic transmission.  When it is time to service it, you want to go to a repair facility like ours that specializes in such repairs.  Why?  Well, your transmission is very complex.  Most people can replace the wiper blades on their car or change a battery or a tire.  Those are fairly easy repairs.  However, your transmission has several dozen gears, tubes, and computer modules.  It is almost an engine in itself.  As a result, it is not something that most people can fix in their carport or garage.

Our transmission repair facility in Mesa has technicians who are highly experienced and are capable of  handling any sort of repair. Your transmission is basically a transmitter.  They transfer power from the engine to the wheels.  An automatic transmission helps you to keep your gasoline bill down.  As to why it may need repair, it is all due to certain physical laws.

Repair Your Transmission: It’s Used a Lot

People often complain when their cars break down.  Naturally, we want to go and go now, not wait for our car to be fixed.  When you look at how complex our vehicles are, and how continually we use them, they are actually engineering marvels.  However, like all machines, they will break down.  It’s just a matter of time.  Part of the issue is because of the extreme environmental conditions of Arizona.  Your car’s automatic transmission is vulnerable to excessive heat just as we are.
The fluid in the gear box starts to break down because of  high temperatures. Of all transmission repair, this one is the easiest.  All it takes is to just replace the fluid or flush it out. Even though this is simple, you still may want to go into a professional.  If you don’t drain the fluid properly, you may still have contaminated fluid in your car.
Your car’s complex.  Since it is, get it in to an expert.  Who’s that?  Your transmission repair shop in Mesa, AZ.

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