Differential Repair in Mesa, AZ

Differential repair is not a repair that you have to do constantly, however it must be done.

Differential Repair: The Timetable to Follow

Differential Repair Mesa, AZ | Call us Today (480) 986-7367
Differential Repair Mesa, AZ | Call us Today (480) 986-7367


There are certain auto repairs that are much more frequent.  In Arizona, your car’s battery is usually replaced every two to three years.  Your tires are replaced based on the depth of the tread.  Your serpentine belt is usually replaced if they are showing cracks in the rubber.  So what is the key to rear differential repair?

A good rule of thumb  is 30,000/60,000/90,000 miles or if your vehicle is handling roughly.  If you need to repair your differential, however, then schedules are of course, secondary.  Some people are tempted to put it off, however, think about this if you will.  If your vehicle doesn’t handle correctly, you increase the risk of a serious accident.

Differentials Are Essentially Stabilizers

Since they transfer power to the inside of a curve while you’re turning, along with your shocks, they serve a vital purpose as stabilizers.  Otherwise, you may end up rolling your car over, which is potentially fatal.  So, think about this if you will.  Pay the price to repair your differential, or end up paying for something else in the emergency room or funeral home.

Are we over-exaggerating the importance of a differential?  Not at all.  Unlike your catalytic converter which is solely installed so that you can pass emissions testing, a differential is 100% a vital car component.  Why? Because it is regarded as a safety feature.  Like a lot of safety features, most people don’t pay it any mind.  That is, of course until it goes bad.  Then it becomes extremely important.

So, be smart and don’t be a statistic.  If  your car isn’t handling as well as it should, look for what is causing it.  Odds are you’re going to find you may have a serious problem on your hands.  Namely, your car is going to need differential repair and soon.

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